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xacc::quantum::TrivialEmbeddingAlgorithm Class Reference

#include <TrivialEmbeddingAlgorithm.hpp>

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xacc::quantum::EmbeddingAlgorithm xacc::Identifiable

Public Member Functions

 TrivialEmbeddingAlgorithm ()
virtual ~TrivialEmbeddingAlgorithm ()
virtual Embedding embed (std::shared_ptr< Graph > problem, std::shared_ptr< Graph > hardware, std::map< std::string, std::string > params=std::map< std::string, std::string >())
virtual const std::string name () const
virtual const std::string description () const
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 EmbeddingAlgorithm ()
virtual ~EmbeddingAlgorithm ()
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virtual ~Identifiable ()

Detailed Description

The EmbeddingAlgorithm class provides an interface for minor graph embedding algorithms.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

xacc::quantum::TrivialEmbeddingAlgorithm::TrivialEmbeddingAlgorithm ( )

The Constructor

virtual xacc::quantum::TrivialEmbeddingAlgorithm::~TrivialEmbeddingAlgorithm ( )

The Destructor

Member Function Documentation

virtual const std::string xacc::quantum::TrivialEmbeddingAlgorithm::description ( ) const

Return the description of this instance

description The description of this object.

Implements xacc::Identifiable.

Embedding xacc::quantum::TrivialEmbeddingAlgorithm::embed ( std::shared_ptr< Graph problem,
std::shared_ptr< Graph hardware,
std::map< std::string, std::string >  params = std::map<std::string, std::string>() 

Implementations of EmbeddingAlgorithm implement this method to provide a valid minor graph embedding of the given problem graph into the given hardware graph.

problemThe problem graph to be embedded into the hardware graph
hardwareThe hardware graph.
paramsAny key-value string parameters to influence the algorithm.
embedding A mapping of problem vertex indices to the list of hardware vertices they map to

Implements xacc::quantum::EmbeddingAlgorithm.

virtual const std::string xacc::quantum::TrivialEmbeddingAlgorithm::name ( ) const

Return the name of this instance.

name The string name

Implements xacc::Identifiable.

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