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xacc::quantum::QuantumIRProvider Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for xacc::quantum::QuantumIRProvider:
xacc::IRProvider xacc::Identifiable

Public Member Functions

const int getNRequiredBits (const std::string name) override
std::shared_ptr< InstructioncreateInstruction (const std::string name, std::size_t bit) override
std::shared_ptr< InstructioncreateInstruction (const std::string name, std::vector< std::size_t > bits, std::vector< InstructionParameter > parameters=std::vector< InstructionParameter >{}, const HeterogeneousMap &analog_options={}) override
std::shared_ptr< CompositeInstructioncreateComposite (const std::string name, std::vector< std::string > variables={}, const std::string type="circuit") override
std::shared_ptr< IRcreateIR (const std::string type="circuit") override
std::vector< std::string > getInstructions () override
const std::string name () const override
const std::string description () const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from xacc::Identifiable
virtual ~Identifiable ()

Member Function Documentation

const std::string xacc::quantum::QuantumIRProvider::description ( ) const

Return the description of this instance

description The description of this object.

Implements xacc::Identifiable.

const std::string xacc::quantum::QuantumIRProvider::name ( ) const

Return the name of this instance.

name The string name

Implements xacc::Identifiable.

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