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xacc::quantum::OQASMCompiler Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for xacc::quantum::OQASMCompiler:
xacc::Compiler xacc::OptionsProvider xacc::Identifiable

Public Member Functions

std::shared_ptr< xacc::IRcompile (const std::string &src, std::shared_ptr< Accelerator > acc) override
std::shared_ptr< xacc::IRcompile (const std::string &src) override
const std::string translate (std::shared_ptr< CompositeInstruction > function) override
const std::string name () const override
const std::string description () const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from xacc::Compiler
virtual const std::string get_statement_terminator ()
virtual bool canParse (const std::string &src)
virtual const std::string translate (std::shared_ptr< CompositeInstruction > program, HeterogeneousMap &options)
virtual const std::string translate (std::shared_ptr< CompositeInstruction > program, HeterogeneousMap &&options)
virtual const std::shared_ptr< CompositeInstructioncompile (std::shared_ptr< CompositeInstruction > f, std::shared_ptr< Accelerator > acc)
virtual std::vector< std::string > getKernelBufferNames (const std::string &src)
virtual OptionPairs getOptions ()
virtual bool handleOptions (const std::map< std::string, std::string > &arg_map)
- Public Member Functions inherited from xacc::OptionsProvider
virtual ~OptionsProvider ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from xacc::Identifiable
virtual ~Identifiable ()

Member Function Documentation

const std::string xacc::quantum::OQASMCompiler::description ( ) const

Return the description of this instance

description The description of this object.

Implements xacc::Identifiable.

const std::string xacc::quantum::OQASMCompiler::name ( ) const

Return the name of this instance.

name The string name

Implements xacc::Identifiable.

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