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xacc::quantum::FermionTerm Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for xacc::quantum::FermionTerm:

Public Member Functions

 FermionTerm (const FermionTerm &t)
 FermionTerm (std::complex< double > c)
 FermionTerm (double c)
 FermionTerm (std::complex< double > c, Operators ops)
 FermionTerm (std::complex< double > c, Operators ops, std::string var)
 FermionTerm (Operators ops)
const std::string id ()
Operators & ops ()
std::complex< double > & coeff ()
std::string var ()
FermionTermoperator*= (const FermionTerm &v) noexcept
bool operator== (const FermionTerm &v) noexcept

Static Public Member Functions

static const std::string id (const Operators &ops)

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