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xacc::ibm_backend::Qubit Class Reference

Public Member Functions

const Temperatureget_t1 () const
Temperatureget_mutable_t1 ()
void set_t1 (const Temperature &value)
const Temperatureget_t2 () const
Temperatureget_mutable_t2 ()
void set_t2 (const Temperature &value)
const Temperatureget_buffer () const
Temperatureget_mutable_buffer ()
void set_buffer (const Temperature &value)
const Temperatureget_frequency () const
Temperatureget_mutable_frequency ()
void set_frequency (const Temperature &value)
const Temperatureget_gate_time () const
Temperatureget_mutable_gate_time ()
void set_gate_time (const Temperature &value)
const std::string & get_name () const
std::string & get_mutable_name ()
void set_name (const std::string &value)
const Errorget_gate_error () const
Errorget_mutable_gate_error ()
void set_gate_error (const Error &value)
const Errorget_readout_error () const
Errorget_mutable_readout_error ()
void set_readout_error (const Error &value)

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