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xacc::algorithm::MMDLossStrategy Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for xacc::algorithm::MMDLossStrategy:
xacc::algorithm::LossStrategy xacc::Identifiable

Public Member Functions

std::pair< double, std::vector< double > > compute (Counts &counts, const std::vector< double > &target, const HeterogeneousMap &={}) override
bool isValidGradientStrategy (const std::string &gradientStrategy) override
const std::string name () const override
const std::string description () const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from xacc::Identifiable
virtual ~Identifiable ()

Protected Member Functions

Eigen::MatrixXd mix_rbf_kernel (std::vector< int > x, std::vector< int > y, std::vector< double > sigma_list, int num_bit)
Eigen::MatrixXd _mix_rbf_kernel_d (Eigen::MatrixXd dx2, std::vector< double > sigma_list)
double kernel_expect (Eigen::MatrixXd K, std::vector< double > px, std::vector< double > py)

Member Function Documentation

std::pair<double, std::vector<double> > xacc::algorithm::MMDLossStrategy::compute ( Counts &  counts,
const std::vector< double > &  target,
const HeterogeneousMap = {} 

Also how can I allow sigma_list to be passed as parameters into the

Implements xacc::algorithm::LossStrategy.

const std::string xacc::algorithm::MMDLossStrategy::description ( ) const

Return the description of this instance

description The description of this object.

Implements xacc::Identifiable.

const std::string xacc::algorithm::MMDLossStrategy::name ( ) const

Return the name of this instance.

name The string name

Implements xacc::Identifiable.

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